ADSC - About Us

ADSCBased in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and specialized to the North American high-technology and complex products market Applied Direct Services Corporation (ADSC) is a Sales Process Optimization Specialist group. ADSC provides outsourced sales and marketing communications and supporting ancillary services to facilitate new and expanding sales efforts. We are active in enterprise wide, hyper-competitive environments and are operational throughout North America, and elsewhere in the world.

Services Offered:

Obviously, the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform, & associated services is one area of our key services. However, we have many other ways to help people to better do business.

ADSC can provide well-tailored and scalable sales and marketing support. Our field-hardened/field-tested SwiftSel methodologies can assist you in projects from serious commercial grade sales lead generation to a fully integrated program of analytical and production services designed to amplify and extend the power of your sales and marketing forces.

ADSC is also a pure outbound, exclusively B2B, and enterprise-grade outsource provider of lead generation provisioning, and other sell cycle assistance products and services. Our capabilities span a variety of other core service modules, and sell cycle assistance technologies. ADSC provides the means to potentially enhance and better enable the complex hyper-competitive sales cycles, of it's clients, through the offerings of it's three main divisions, including it's main ADSC Division.

Other Divisions:

Focused Channel:

ADSC also has it's Focused Channel Division to create and manage High Technology Industry Channel organizations. Focused Channel Division also provides a variety of enabling capabilities to VAR's on an menu based delivery model as needed. And, beyond training and managing VAR's ADSC Focused Channel Division also provides for strong Channel Loyalty Programs.

Open Opportunity:

Open Opportunity Division of ADSC provides for both High Technology and other complex industry sales and marketing solutions selling environments with overall Sales Process Enablement capabilities. From fully implementing a CRM of choice, to full scale Complex Sales Process Quality Assurance programs to full scale overall Enterprise Grade sales production programs Open Opportunity Division can help your team where you need it helped.

The ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform was created in our Open Opportunity Division.

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Strong Experience:

Experience - An Estimated Over 80,000 Enterprise Grade Sales LeadsIn terms of sales leads alone, the SwiftSel methodologies, which are a collection of field-tested/field-hardened means of enhancing the sales and marketing processes, pre-date ADSC, and have a long history. The SwiftSel Methodologies have given rise to an estimated over 80,000 serious sales leads, worldwide, that we currently know of. These are involved in most all industries and with a wide variety of high technology Enterprise Grade core offerings in the last several decades.

With decades of sales, marketing and communications experience among its senior level personnel ADSC can possibly be of significant assistance in your complex sales and marketing processes. Our management have had wide-ranging successes in a variety of industries. ADSC has brought its SwiftSel sales and marketing methodologies in the art and science of sales to the areas of data and business processes analysis, sales force training, sell-cycle creation and development and new sales opportunity expansion. Further, there are also SwiftSel derived methodologies for both Project Management, Software Development, and Quality Assurance of Sales and Marketing Processes, among others.

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