Knowledge Base

A Better Knowledge Base

Here's the essential difference between our serious Enterprise Grade knowledge base, and the current kind of software that is what is known as being a knowledge base for tech support organizations. First a description of current common expectations on this..

Commonly, today, support organizations have what for the most part are really advanced search capabilities, that really allow them in-house & on the Internet to search out a nearest fit for articles, that describe how to solve a particular problem. Usually a support technician finds a couple of appropriate articles and then forwards them to a customer so that they can do it themselves, in terms of problem solving. .

The ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform has a conversational interface, which can use the power of an industrial strength rule-based engine to react in real-time to a user, & change the conversation accordingly, on-the-fly, while keeping up to the user. And, it's smart enough to guide your people & others through business processes, easily.

Beyond knowledge bases that merely act as search engines, this one uses natural language to interact with users & then makes recommendations that are extremely targeted.

So, instead of mere combinations of do-it-yourself suggestions, this knowledge base can ask a number of questions depending on the circumstances & then make recommendations accordingly. Therefore, advice that can lead to actual results vs. mere search can be a great thing.