ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - faq


Q. What questions do we need to setup & how will we use it?

A. Questions can be useful for a variety of needs in your business. However, commonly the most valuable questions might be involved with business processes. If you know for a fact that your KPI`s, (Key Peformance Indicators) are up to date, in real-time & relevent to today`s exact internal and external conditions, then fine. If not, then you likely would want to select a high quality Business Intelligence system to help to define them. Once that is done, you would likely want to collect data along the lines of your KPI`s, and thereby you can gain an understanding of exact numbers on what`s important to your business. From there, we can assist by working with you to induce business rules statistically from your KPI based data. And, this in turn can become the basis for the lines of questioning within your Wizard or Wizard cluster, within our ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform. You can also use your expertise, to design your lines of questioning, as you would like, and as is most natural for your needs. And, everything is done right online.

Q.What do we need as input from other tools to create rules, & what about our other systems, can we currently hook to them?

A. We are working to create a data integration option for our ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform. Currently, if you have output from a BI or Data Mining tool showing your automatically induced business rules, you would have to create questions based on them. The fact that you can even do this, is really potentially very useful & powerful. However, when we have a data integration option available, we may be able via some form of XML import to make this happen more automatically. We are working on this. Stay tuned. This will be there in a future version of our software. it would mean that potentially we could eventually import rules. Also, we could have questions answered not simply by humans, but by other systems. That is coming in the future.

Q. How do we plan for a final document? What do we have to do?

A. Really having a plan for what you want to conditionally show at the end depends on what you are doing with a specific Wizard cluster. If we have enough power to be able to help users to fill in contracts, or reports of various sorts, & we do, then this means that it depends on the creativity of you & your team, or us together, to be able to think of use-cases for our software.

Q.Who can program a Wizard cluster. Do we need to hire you, or can we do it?

A.Either. And, we can also assist with external software, including with Partners to help you to align with your corporate data assets, leverage them, & automatically induce rules, that question can be built as result of. We have Partners that can do this. And, we also can use easily available software that is generally available to do this, including some that is free. However, whether you or us, someone has to program the rules, currently.

Q. What are the costs to build Wizard Clusters, & how are you paid?

A. If you build the Wizard clusters, then there are arrangements based on the number of developers, for seats, training, & support. If we do it, there may also be billable hours on a Time & Materials basis. All developer seat, training & support costs are billed annually,

Q. How do we start or we have other questions?

A. Please just call us, at: 1-(888) 776-7757 (Toll Free Throughout North America)