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ServicesLet our psychometrics help you to frame the right questions.

With partners we can also help you to test your KPI's, (Key Performance Indicators - Metrics against metrics seen in the light on another metrics, in your business). Once tested, we can help you to better assess, if there are areas that lack data support in your Enterprise. If that is the case, then the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform can be a great way of supplimenting other systems so as to capture perhaps previously uncaptured operational knowledge.

Once captured data can then be put against a capable BI, (Business Intelligence) or Data Mining tool capable of automatic rule-generation. These rules can then form the basis with our staff of questions, that can better map your operations & help you to know what to ask.

However, given our understanding that has powered our SwiftSel Methodologies we can also help you to power your wizard clusters, in Lighthouse. Our SwiftSel Methodologies have powered an estimated in excess of 80,000 Enterprise Grade sales opportunities in the last several decades in the High Technologies fields. So, we’re used to framing & asking questions that can be quite impactful, useful & subtle.