ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Psychometrics

QuestionsHow do you know how to ask the right questions? Questions

The ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform depends on questions. As questions are being asked branching can occur that can be based on dozens, hundreds or even thousands or more rules.

We have tested to about a thousand rules, & for under half second response time, depending on a number of things, including local computing conditions, network activity & other things, commonly, this can be as little as half a second of response time. However, the ability to deal with a large number of rules is there.

Rule Generation

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to generate the questions involved:

1.We can make it happen: We can work with you, to map out your business processes & make implementation much easier. We have the means to help you to better frame issues & the questions within them to better support your users.

2. You can make it happen: An expert in a particular topic from your side can generate a hierarchy of questions, that can include a main top level Wizard, & a series of sub-Wizards below it, that can map out a business process & actually make sense. The users can be asked to fill in data, give an opinion, share a concept, or many other things.

3. Machines can make it happen with our help: We can even use a Business Intelligence, (BI) system of choice to discover your Key Performance Indicators, (KPI’s), examine your systems to see if you yet have data on these & if so, use that data to automatically induce rules we can use in our system. If you lack data in some areas, then no problem. Lighthouse can be a great way of creating new data sources for areas of your business where previously coverage was sparse or non-existent.

And, no matter which means or combination thereof that you choose for question generation the same understanding that has powered our SwiftSel Methodologies can also power your wizard clusters, in Lighthouse. Our SwiftSel Methodologies have powered an estimated in excess of 80,000 Enterprise Grade sales opportunities in the last several decades in the High Technologies fields. So, we’re used to framing & asking questions that are impactful.

When you have that kind of experience, framing more questions can draw on that experience set & can help to better get to the heart of the issues that you deal with.

Heart Of The Matter