ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Pricing

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Our ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform is priced according to a number of different uses.

You may have a single developer in a small company catering to a large, small or anything in-between number of users. Maybe you have a large team. Or you might have a team. Whatever the size, we are priced for the development platform to suit your team of developers. Please call for quote.

Furthermore, bootcamp style training, is also available. We can provide this in Toronto, or via web & phone based training. Please call for quote.

We are available for consulting, both on a time & materials or at times on a *job-costed basis. Please call for quote.

Rule Induction

We also have Partners that provide such things as Business Intelligence software to ascertain your current KPI's, (Key Performance Indicators) & then induce business rules that can be the basis, for questions in your Wizard clusters, with our help. Please call for quote.

We also are creating OEM Partnerships, where we can integrate with the knowledgebase of a company, & assist an OEM customer to package their understanding to create new mutually split revenue streams, to monetize perhaps formerly ignored vital knowledge assets. We are also looking both to Partner with other symbiotic groups, that are either Value-Added Resellers, or who are software providers that might complement our core offering. If you are any of these Please Call In.

Soon we will also have availability of Workflow & Enterprise Data Integration Options. This is not available, yet. However, we are working on this, currently. Stay tuned, & we will soon have more on this. Imagine questions that machines can answer instead of just people. And, imagine a capability for response to people, or with scripts to systems that does not depend on this happening, now, but instead at a future date & time. These can be powerful capabilities & will be available in the moderately near future at a time To Be Announced.

However whether you're a small start-up, regular mid-sized business or an Enterprise of some size we have appropriate plans for the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform that can be sized right for your team.

Please Call Now: 1-(888) 776-7757 (Toll Free Throughout North America)


*Entirely at the discretion of ADSC.