Why we built this... How this platform happened.

We set out to create the ultimate piece of literature for our company. What we hoped to do was to create the equivalent of an interactive consultant on the web. The concept of a guide that could handle a large number of questions and make recommendations based on our services, was what we were after.

Never once did we imagine that this could with years of effort turn into a serious Enterprise Grade platform to deal with Business Process Optimization, (BPO).

However, to answer the needs a serious of issues that came up, we had to go far beyond our original intentions to a serious level of Enterprise capabilities.

Six years later, we've largely accomplished this. However, in solving all the problems that we did, we actually created much more, then solutions to one problem...

Certainly, we would never have imagined at the outset what we would come up with.

In the words of one of the original members of the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform Development Team, "We cannot imagine what our end-user developers will come up with, It will go well beyond, whatever we could ever imagine".

It's not just those that exclusively use proprietary technologies that watch what's coming up.