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Business Process Optimization

What do we mean when we say Business Process Optimization or BPO software?

ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform can be used as BPO software. Perhaps, the best way to understand what this is, is to understand what it is not.

First some definitions might be in order. BPM also known as Business Process Management software usually includes a lot of graphical means of defining business processes, & then setting up means to control them. Business Intelligence (BI) software can commonly help to better ascertain what your KPI’s also known as Key Performance indicators are.

BPM can help to build better business processes. BI can help to quality assurance what’s really important in your business processes, & help to reveal perhaps hidden value, that may previously have gone unmissed.

Lighthouse can work well with the output of BPM or BI software. And, in fact we are growing our Partners in these areas. We already have Partners in the BI space.

However, we are down cycle in terms of what we serve. Once you’ve used a BI tool then you might have some really effective knowledge that can help you to better your business.

So, then what. Unless you’ve built some kind of serious custom application, what then? Management people in your team just know this? So, you use some really serious technology & then just rely on behavioral means to implement the benefits of what you’ve learned?

We believe that there is a better way of doing things.

Business Process Optimization

Imagine instead software that can better interact with users in natural language to advise, & thereby govern them, in a way that can take advantage of such knowledge.

We can use external BI tools to ascertain KPI’s, & then automatically induct rules. There are more than one solution for that kind of thing.

Usually, the key problem would be that there may be a number of rules governing one portion of a process, & when something else has to be checked or whatever is that this happens a certain percentage of the time. Fortunately, within the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform we have weighting, also known as balanced score card capability within questions. So, it’s possible to branch a question based on induced rules that might state that if a number of conditions are met, then so much percentage of the time, (for example 79%, just an arbitrary example) that there is a certain percentage of the time, that something might be so.

Therefore, we are durable & flexible enough to handle such things. This can in some cases be a significant capability.

Further, if your BPM software or consultants using such a thing, can define things you need to know, at different stages of business processes, then we can turn that outputf information into questions that can help, guide, advice or even control users in some extremely complex situations.

This can also be a significant value for our system.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

And at the end, since we can create almost any kind of document in HTML, including advisory statements, scripts to configure other systems that can be e-mailed or even alerts e-mailed to people we have the power for you to react.

That we feel is enough power, to help to better optimise business processes.

So, therefore, we can take the knowledge output from BI or BPM tools, & use that to create the means to better track or even interact with business processes.

And, therefore, our software is useful at a different stage in your business processes. Once you've worked out with other tools as mentioned above what needs to be dealt with in your business processes, we can help you to make that so. This is why we are beginning to Partner, with other symbiotic groups in the areas mentioned above. And that's where we come in, in terms of where we can help in terms of your business processes.