ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Intelligent Document Completion Technology

Intelligent Document Completion TechnologyExactly what is Intelligent Document Completion Technology?

Ever wanted a near-instantaneous high quality proposal & to seriously cut your time to know what to put in it? Imagine that instead of hours, days or weeks you can get this inless than a second once some questions are answered in a Wizard that has been previously setup. Time is money, & cutting that kind of time can be seriouslly meaningful. Write once, & use quickly is how this system can potentially help you & your team.

Or did you want to make a difficult configuration script be ready quickly with those who aren't your topline I.T. personnel? With Intelligent Document Completion Technology if you can imagine the document you can write once, & use many, in a custom high-quality sense. Imagine the tax form implications.

What this software does, is lead you through, a series of questions, & depending on your answers. This could be a contract, that has all kinds of pre-built conditional HTML This means that you can effectly answer a series of questions & have our system, based on rules program a complex document for you.

These documents could be:

  1. A contract.
  2. A script to configure an appliance or your web server, or even your corporate ERP, & then goes ahead & e-mails that to some sort of arbitrator program that inports that ready-to-go into your program of choice.
  3. It could be a proposal to a key customer, that is now impressed at how much faster that you are then a competitor of yours that isn't yet using our system.
  4. Advice based on your answers can guide someone through what to do next in a business process, even if there are a myriad of complexities. ADSC Lighthouse can stand up to the need for hundreds, thousands, or even more business rules that it might be hard for a human to just remember.
  5. An assessment or results of a test, based on certification, company requirements, IQ, EQ, Survival Quotient, & ten or fifteen other things, all at the same time.
  6. And, remove human bias when questions are being asked, as it isn't a human asking them.
  7. And so much more...


The limitations on the applications of such technology are three-fold.

First, except for machine driven answers to questions, it depends on the level of patience for the person being questioned. Obviously, we can only go so far with human persons before the questioning is too much. So, this needs to be kept in mind. Let us assist you with the psycho-metrics for questions to help to optimize that.

Second it just depends on your creativity to better apply this. With new technology comes new types of demands placed on those that create it. Again, let us assist you to better maximize your use of such technologies.

Finally, we've tested a couple of hundred of rules per branch of our Wizard clusters. This can be done extremely rapidly. It may take a little longer for 1,000 rules! However, theoretically, (untested but perhaps worthy of actual research), there could be millions of rules to a branch, on our Wizard clusters. However, that would obviously take a while, & so, we recommend as much as 200 rules or so, as this can keep the system reactions speedy. A couple of hundred rules per single branch is even then serious. But, much more is possible.

So, ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform is not all that terribly limited. The patience of your users, your own creativity & some physical limitations that most people might never even come anywhere even close to are really the main limitations.