ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Psychometrics

ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Natural Language

Natural Language

When we say natural language, you may be wondering what we mean by that. This involves a number of related things.

First a user would type into a web page, that would be asking them questions. Therefore, these questions are either in English, French, German, Hindi, Chinese or really any human language of choice. We don't have to provide a multi-lingual option, because we have been truly multi-lingual from the very beginning.

Questions which draw knowledge from the user are programmed declaratively. That means, that they can contain any sort of question & the language is really just the choice of the human that sets up the questions. So, no need for exotic schemes for multiple languages. ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform can help you to leverage any human language.

In addition, as questions are asked they may be of a number of different types such as: text, calulations, date, options & other things. You can set up rules, as this is a rule-based systems that can branch to other Wizards if certain conditions are met. For instance maybe a certain date is selected, or some text appears within an answer, a value comes up in a calculation or an option is selected or other things.

Depending on the conditions, branching to other Wizards can easily be set in place.

How many Wizards can you branch to?

Our only real limitations on that are disk availability, which, commonly is virtually infinite for the purposes of such an application, programming space (which could theoretically allow for millions of rules if someone really wanted to go that far), & the patience level of your users. You only want to have enough of a consultation to not be boring for your users.

However, once one Wizard branches to another Wizard, the system is designed in such a way, that it looks to the end user throughout, & at the end as if this was all planned. That may be anything but the case, you can branch on many rules. We've tested to as many as a thousand rules. However, for speed of response time, under 200 rules can be fired, commonly in as little as half a second. However, this system is powerful enough to fire hundreds, thousands, or more rules, on a single branching.

Industrial Strength

Therefore, this is an industrial strength, & Enterprise Grade system, deep & powerful enough to deal with some extremely demanding situations in most any Enterprise.

And, when the questions are through, you can conditionally call the answers for questions your user just answered as the basis for all kinds of HTML based responses. It all looks like it was planned. Certainly, it wasn’t necessarily planned that way, at all. Lighthouse just makes it look that way.

We also utilize HTML right up to HTML 5, which can call audio, or even video. You can powerfully interact with, & advise your users, with the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform.

So, can the ADSC Lighthouse pass what's called a Turing Test, or in other words your users if typing into it, might not be able to tell if the responses coming back to them are from a human or a machine based response? Maybe.

The point is really just to interact with your users in new ways, that don't take a lot of training, & can allow them be advised or give their knowledge to your corporate systems accordingly.