ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Psychometrics

ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform - Model Based Assessment & Testing Technology

Assessment & Training Assessment Model Direction

Due to the branching capabilities of our ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform, it's possible to assess based not only on questions but on a model built into questions that can help to test many things at one time.

Our ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform, can branch on any of it's questions & do this with hundreds, thousands or even more rules in it's rule-based inference engine which is thereby guiding this.

Through a simple or complex or anything in-between question model being traversed perhaps in a non-linear fashion at the end with all conditional inclusions Lighthouse can react to a user & advise, or assess them.

Further since any previously answered questions, can have their filled-in values called quite simply, even in any other questions thereafter, & since we can utilize all the power of HTML right up to HTML 5, it's possible to quickly, effectively & without a great deal of programming complexity or trouble to build Computer Based Training right into a Wizard cluster.

As an example you can ask their name & then use it in questions thereafter. But you could also have a Wizard cluster react to a calculation, some text, a date, or other things.

This can be very powerful.

Knowledge Can Be Powerful

What this means is that dynamically, without a lot of programming, you can in natural language react to a user, zero in on what they are telling us, & then react accordingly, not just at the end , but all the way through an interation with a user. Therefore, this can, if done creatively, & right be an extremely interactive system.

This means that instead of simple period based assessments as a slice of time, that summative assessments are possible. You can assess a combination of things revealing a higher level more big picture understanding of what someone knows.

This means that this must done right to be valid, & that takes some serious knowledge. However, if such is available you or we have partners that can provide it, that you can assess or test on a number of things all at one time using our software.

Since, we can branch on questions that an expert can enter, we can branch on a number of complex topics, & then in the end come back for a document that conditionally in a rule-based way, creates an assessment or test score that can be quite complex.

Further, since questions can be based on the model of choice of the assessment or testing being done, it can adhere to their model, easily as they design questions, branches & subsequent sub-Wizards, within a Wizard cluser.

If a topic is lesser known, then we may have to use Business Intelligence or Data Mining software to work with you to help to create based on end-user interactions & the knowledge of your experts a model that is appropriate. And, this may need to be tested.

However, based on such things, it is possible to push for new ground on new & potentially innovative assessment & testing techniques & topologies using the ADSC Lighthouse Wizard Platform.